Notice of Intent to Vacate Form

This is notification that I/we will vacate the property located at:

On Date:

Yes  No

I/We understand that the security deposit cannot be applied as rent and I/we are responsible for paying rent through the thirty (30) day notice period or to the expiration date of the lease, whichever is later.

I/We understand that to obtain a full refund of the security deposit, the premises must be left in the same condition as when I/we moved in (excluding normal wear and tear); clean, undamaged, and with the rent and all charges fully paid. I/We will contact you when I/we are ready to vacate the premises to set up an appointment for a final inspection and to return the keys. I/We further understand that PME may begin advertising the property immediately, and if I/we should cancel this thirty (30) day notification, I/we will be responsible for any costs incurred on behalf of the property owner.

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