Rental Qualifications

Thank you for considering renting from Partners Property Management.

The following minimum qualifying criteria have been established for approving applicants for residency at any property managed by Partners Property Management.

This criteria apply to every applicant who wishes to reside at the property.

If negative information is found in any category, the application may be subject to denial or may require an additional security deposit or cosigner.
An approved application does not guarantee you any property, it will only determine your eligibility to rent the property you have applied for.
Our standard security deposit is equal to one month's rent and may be increased by one month's rent, due to bankruptcy, poor credit, lack of tenancy history, and pets.

The following policies and procedures have been established to ensure that all applicants are treated equally and fairly.

  • Applicants (to process an application we need the following):

    1. Each individual 18 years of age or older must legibly and completely fill out and sign an application.
      It must include your full name and social security number as well as both current and past residence addresses.
      We will not be able to process your application if it is not dated and signed.
    2. Copy of a valid Government issued picture ID (i.e. Driver's License, State Identification Card, Passport)
    3. If a cosigner is necessary, the cosigner must also complete and sign an application.
      The acceptance of a cosigner is not normal policy and is subject to individual approval or denial.
      In some instances we may accept a cosigner for lack of rental history and or insufficient credit.
    4. To be processed and considered, a $40.00 non-refundable processing fee must accompany all applications for each adult over 18 years of age.
    5. Application processing fee must be paid by cash, cashiers check or money order made out to Partners Property Management, personal checks will not be accepted.
    6. An application with missing, false, inaccurate or misleading information is grounds for denial.
  • Credit:

    1. Credit reports will be obtained for each applicant thru TransUnion.
    2. We obviously look for good credit but it is not a necessity in this uncertain environment.
      We understand that credit problems sometimes are explainable and we will look at the whole picture the applicant presents.
    3. Application will not be considered if applicant has any bankrupcy proceedings not yet discharged.
      Proof of discharge will be required.
    4. Credit reports provided by the applicant will not be accepted.
    5. Any judgments or collections for a property management company or landlord in the past 5 years may be grounds for denial.
  • Employment/Income:

    1. All applicants must prove their income is from verifiable and legitimate sources.
    2. Income must be at least two and one-half to three times the rental amount for the property of interest.
      Income may be combined by multiple applicants.
    3. Most current month's pay stub with YTD.
    4. Self-employed applicants must provide their most recent tax return, Schedule C, and the last three months bank statements.
    5. If you are relying on income form other sources, such as Social Security, Pension, Retirement, AFDC, spousal or child support, etc.. you will need documentation to very this income at the time the application is submitted.
  • Rental/Landlord History:

    1. Applicants should be able to provide positive landlord references from a non family source for at least the previous 3 years.
      Applicants with an unlawful detainer/eviction on record within the past 5 years will be grounds for automatic denial.
    2. Multiple late payments or returned checks may result in the application being denied.
    3. Unpaid past due rent, property damage or disturbances reported by your current or previous landlord may result in the application being denied.
    4. Applicants must have satisfactorily completed their existing contact.
    5. 30-Day Notice to Vacate must be given to your current landlord. The acceptance or denial of an application is at the sole discretion of Partners Property Management and/or the property owner.
      Partners Property Management abides by all Fair Housing laws.